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Scrap Inc.

Scrap Inc. is dedicated to providing safe and clean recycling facilities, top market based pricing and excellent service. Our efforts are to earn your business, not just today, but every time you want to recycle your scrap metal. Family owned and operated, we are focused on preserving Arizona’s environment for future generations to enjoy.

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We know you have a choice on where you recycle your scrap metals and electronics. We are dedicated to making that choice easy for you. Scrap, Inc. has more methods for you to recycle your scrap metal than anyone else in the valley. We have four full service yards in Phoenix, Mesa, & Apache Junction, our clean facilities respect your time by being safe, efficient and fast. Our automated aluminum can recycling stations in Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and Apache Junction are conveniently located so you can recycle close to home. If you have a big load and can’t bring it into us, we can come to you. Our goal is not just to earn your business, but to provide the services necessary to earn your loyalty.


Scrap, Inc. has four full service locations around the valley to serve your needs. At our locations we take most types of metal scrap from aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and steel to all types of electronic scrap (e-scrap), paper and cardboard.

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Scrap, Inc. has 4 full service locations around the valley to serve your needs. At our full service locations we purchase all types of Ferrous (magnetic material such as iron & steel), Non-Ferrous (non-magnetic material such as Aluminum, Brass & Copper) materials and electronic scrap. We also take cardboard and paper, so you don’t have to make trips to multiple recycling locations. Please see our map locator to find the location to best serve you. If you are looking to recycle aluminum cans only and want to stay close to home, click on the cash for cans tab to get more information.


Our commercial recycling services are designed to be a turn key system so you can stay focused on your core business. Your time is your most valuable asset. Allow us to design your recycling program to preserve time and maximize your profit. Can’t bring it us, no problem. We will come and pick it up from you. Don’t you think it’s time to receive the maximum return from your recycling efforts?

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At Scrap, Inc. our approach to business recycling service is to be reliable, fast and fair. Our commercial scales at our recycling centers are designed and staffed to quickly receive, price and pay for your materials. The faster we are, the quicker you can get back on the job. In fact, it is not uncommon for the entire process to take less than 15 minutes.
Concerned about who is selling your material? You can simply assign specific employees authorized to sell material. When your representative comes in, we will match their identification to your authorized list of sellers. If there is not a match, we will contact you immediately.
Can’t come to us? We will come to you. At Scrap, Inc. we provide pick-up services for all of our commercial accounts. Once we know your service requirements, we can place a container for you to use. Once it is full call into our dispatch office and we will come out an exchange it for an empty bin. The full container will be brought back to our facility to be received. Once it arrives at our facility it is graded and weighed, then payment is generated and sent to you along with a detailed receiving sheet.
Need a container, no problem. If you have a recycling need, we have a container for you. Our size range includes: 55 gallon barrels, 1 cubic yard, 2 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard, 4 cubic yard, 10 cubic yard, 20 cubic yard, 30 cubic yard and 40 cubic yards. We can also provide locking containers, if you have security concerns.


Want to recycle Aluminum Cans only? Don’t want to drive to a recycling center? Stay close to home and use our Cash4Cans reverse vending machines. Our fully automated Cash4Cans machines are open 24/7 for your convenience. With a machine located close to you, the process is easy and fun. An ideal way to recycle and conserve your own resources, especially with today’s high cost of fuel.

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Our Cash4Cans machines are designed to provide Arizona residents with convenient means to recycle their aluminum cans. It doesn’t get any easier than this one touch operation. Just press the start button and start feeding in your aluminum cans. The machine will weigh your cans, process and issue payment while you wait. Click on our map locator for the machine nearest you. If you would like a machine in your area, click on the contact button and let us know.